Chemometrics, what does it stand for?

Chemometrics is a discipline within Chemistry, which allows extracting chemically relevant information via experiment optimization, data processing, calibration, quality control and organisation of the analytical process. The need for chemometrics and its tools can be observed in many branches of chemistry and other life sciences, where data interpretation is of a great interest. In our lab, since several years, the research intrest has been focussed on different aspects of data mining and developing chemometrical tools designed for this purpose.

Welcome to Chemometric Research Group

Institute of Chemistry

Chemometric activity at the Institute of Chemistry can be traced to early nineties.

Nowadays, research at Chemometric Research Group covers most of the chemometric and bioinformatic domains.
The main attention is drawn to exploratory aspects of the data analysis, calibration, efficient data compression, signal processing, classification, analysis of microarray data and biochemical data (see more details >>).

All of the applied or developed methods are programmed in-house under MATLAB, offering chemometricians easy implementation of certain routines and rich visualization properties. Please, take your time to visit section Download to get some of our self-made codes in MATLAB (at the moment there are DBSCAN, OPTICS and TOMCAT toolbox, containing such routines as PCA, robust PCA, PLS, robust PLS and more).

We are actively involved in chemometrics development and its popularization at academic and industrial level. We have also a number of frutfull collaborations with different universities and industrial partners all over the Europe (see more for details >>).


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