Directory calibration

  1. caliplots.m - plotting figures for the constructed models
  2. cpr.m - Continuum Power Regression (CPR)
  3. crossvalidation.m - routine for Cross-Validation including standard Cross-Validation
  4. (leave-lout-crossvalidation) and Monte Carlo Cross-Validation for classical PLS, PLS-WIM, PLS-SIM and CR
  5. distances.m - computing distances in residual and score spaces for PLS, PRM and RCR models
  6. err.m - Computing Root Mean Squared Error and/or Root Mean Squared Error of Prediciton
  7. plspredict.m - Prediction of y based on the PLS model
  8. plssim.m - Partial Least Squares for tall X matrices, SIM-PLS
  9. plswim.m - Partial Least Squares for wide X matrices, WIM-PLS
  10. prm.m - Partial Robust M-regression estimator, PRM
  11. rbfpls.m - Radial Basis Functions - Partial Least Squares
  12. rcr.m - Robust Continuum Regression estimator based on the projection pursuit method, RCR
  13. robcv.m - Cross-Validation for Robust Latent Variable Regression
  14. trimm.m - Trimmed values of RMS and RMSECV

Directory PCA

  1. pca.m - classical Principal Component Analysis, PCA
  2. rpca.m - robust Principal Component Analysis, rPCA

Directory preprocessing

  1. L1median.m - Computing L1-median (multivariate L1-median)
  2. mad.m - Computing the Median Absolute Deviation of X (includes correction for consistency)
  3. preprocessing.m - Data preprocessing using different methods
  4. qn.m - Computing QN-scale estimator
  5. sn.m - Computing SN-scale estimator

Directory subset_selection

  1. kenstone.m - Subset selection with Kennard and Stone algorithm
  2. duplex.m - Subset selection with Duplex algorithm
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